Pitchfork Kingdom’s Steam Page is Now Live

I’m very excited to announce that you can now visit the Pitchfork Kingdom store page on the Steam. I’ll continue to update it with new screenshots and trailers so go check it out. If you think the game is something you might enjoy, maybe even consider adding it to your Steam Wishlist. Your support is very much appreciated!


The expected date for the initial release of the game is sometime between mid-August and September of this year. I’m very hopeful that Pitchfork Kingdom will be a fun and polished game at that time. My goal is that the term “short but sweet” will do justice in describing Pitchfork Kingdom at its release. Overall, the expected time to play through the levels is under an hour but I did my best to make each level enjoyable in some unique way. If the game catches some traction, then additional levels are definitely something I’d be willing to consider. For now, I’m just extremely looking forward to getting a game that I’m proud of out into the hands of players.

Knight on the Castle Walls

Aubrey has provided some amazing art for the game and Anthony has been composing an original soundtrack that sounds incredible! My next big task will be to create a new solid trailer since the demo trailer is a bit outdated. After that, I’ll be continuing to try and make the gameplay experience as fun as I can over the next few months.

Until next time, check Pitchfork Kingdom out on Steam.



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