Pitchfork Kingdom Demo now Live

Play the Demo at https://oddballinteractive.itch.io/pitchfork-kingdom

After months of development and redevelopment, the Pitchfork Kingdom demo is finally here. Everyone at OddBall Interactive is thrilled that we can finally share this experience with gamers here at home and around the world. 

Every moment working on the game has been fueled by the excitement that our hard work will one day reach the hands of the player. We are gamers ourselves and are truly passionate about our craft. Indie game development is alive because of all the passionate gamers who are serious about playing well-made games. We are thankful for every one of you and hope you will enjoy our contribution to this amazing culture of indie games and gamers. 

Pitchfork Kingdom is about the unlikely heroes, the peasants, taking action to save the Kingdom when no one else will. At its core, the game is an action platformer that is centered around providing a fun, fulfilling experience that gamers and casual players will enjoy. It took a lot of hard work, but we enjoyed the experience of getting this far and look forward to continuing to work on the game until its final release. We are excited to continue this journey with you sharing our progress and experiences along the way. 

Happy New year! 

The team at OddBall Interactive

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